A tiny snippet, pubished in last week's edition of the Borehamwood & Elstree Times, tells us that Hertfordshire County Council is to spend £90,000 of Government money on a scheme to persuade children to walk or cycle to school, and that this money will pay for a new council officer, dedicated to school journeys.

Please tell us that this was a premature April Fool's Day joke, and that no such scheme is being considered by the county council. If, however, the report is bona fide, I would be interested to know what qualifications the new council officer will require in order to be appointed to this ludicrous post, for without the slightest doubt it is money down the drain from the outset.

What does it matter if kids make their way to school by walking, cycling, roller-skating, hopping, scootering, pony and trap, horse and cart or a pogo stick?

Carl Wilkinson,

Anthony Road,