The team at a Welwyn Garden City-based business have shown their dedication to supporting their local community by helping out at WD6 Food Support in Borehamwood.

The marketing department at Grace Foods UK, a supplier of Caribbean food and drink to the UK, spent a day at Parkside Community Primary School in Borehamwood helping to distribute food to people visiting the foodbank.

The Grace Foods UK marketing team said: "As a team, we are really keen to do as much as we can to support our community.

Borehamwood Times: Welwyn Garden City-based Grace Foods UK staff

"We are aware how foodbanks such as WD6 Food Support are a key part of society these days and being a food and drink company, we want to be able to help as much as we can to ensure that every member of society has access to healthy, nutritious food. 

"It was truly amazing to see the hours of preparation that go into each day to set up all the stock at WD6."

"The team assisted in transporting food around the site and helped to separate it into sections.

"We then all went to our stations and helped to give out the food to the patrons. The organiser said they probably fed in the region of 350 people a day. We hope to be able to do more in the future with community projects." 

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Speaking of the support from Grace Foods UK, WD6 co-founder Janice Levine said: "Thank you all for helping serve the 76 people who visited us on the day that the Grace team visited, we probably fed somewhere in the region of 350 people."

Borehamwood Times: Grace Foods UK staff helped out at a foodbank in Borehamwood

The WD6 Food Support group launched in late 2020 and has a permanent home at Parkside Community Primary School in Borehamwood when twice a week, a former classroom is opened to the public to fill bags with a range of goods, just like a foodbank.

For more information on the foodbank, go to