Drivers are being forced to consider taking out loans and quitting jobs as the ULEZ is set to expand.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is being expanded by the Mayor of London from August 29 to cover the whole of the capital, including Greater London.

Motorists will pay a daily charge of £12.50 to drive within the zone if their car does not comply with minimum emissions standards, including Herts motorists crossing into the capital.

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Support worker Tracy Metcalfe, 54, said: “I take out young adults with additional needs for the day.

“With the ULEZ expansion I'll be completely restricted to Watford. Apart from Top Golf and bowling there aren’t any activities to do.

“I can’t restrict it to the same thing three or four times a week.

“I got a loan in December without knowing about the expansion. Now I’m going to have to give up my job which I love or get another loan for another car.”

Mayor Sadiq Khan says he wants to expand the ULEZ to boost air quality despite some heavy opposition from people living in outer London.

Dr Heather Parry, from Watford, agrees with the expansion.

Borehamwood Times: Dr Heather ParryDr Heather Parry (Image: Dr Heather Parry)

She said it’s necessary to lower traffic and pollution while preventing TfL from “going bankrupt”.

The 71-year-old added: “It’s only a very small minority of heavily polluting cars affected.

“My car is compliant but I never drive in London, I get the train. You don’t need a car in London.”

But David Bagon, 78, from Radlett, slammed the expansion.

Borehamwood Times: David Bagon with his non-compliant diesel 2013 FreelanderDavid Bagon with his non-compliant diesel 2013 Freelander (Image: David Bagon)

He said he is still weighing up his options but currently won’t be able to afford to pick up his grandchildren who live in Mill Hill.

He said: “We might need to look at another car, which I can ill afford.”

Bob Kiernan, from Bushey, also worries about how he will pick up his grandchildren in Mill Hill.

Borehamwood Times: The Hertfordshire Greater London border in the Bushey Heath areaThe Hertfordshire Greater London border in the Bushey Heath area (Image: Google Maps)

He added that he is “right on the border” of the zone and argued that while public transport is an option in inner London it just isn’t possible with the transport links in Bushey.

“Using public transport would take over an hour, the journey by car is 20 mins,” Mr Kiernan said.

He also worries that his daughter could have to leave her job as she works in St Albans.