I am happy to see Strictly Come Dancing back but I understand it has lost some of its viewers. It still has very healthy numbers but does seem a bit long. I would suggest cutting out the inserts about what the celebs have been up to during the week as it is very 'cheesy' . However, as it is filmed on one of Elstree Studios' sound stages, that is great. Personally my only other comment is I wish they would stop pretending the results show is filmed on Sunday when everybody knows it is filmed after the live show. It makes it a long sit for the audience but the demand for tickets is huge.

I have been clearing out some of my old files from the 1970s and 1980s. I came across many items but I share two of them with you as we walk down Memory Lane. The first is a photograph of football legend Kevin Keegan lying in a bed surrounded by several Borehamwood youngsters and myself. It dates from 1982 when I ran a competition for our local youth club membership drive to meet the England World Cup squad. I phoned the England manager Ron Greenwood and asked if the winners could meet the squad at their hotel in Bricket Wood. He kindly agreed and the kids had a great time meeting the football stars in the hotel lounge. As ever with kids, one piped up and asked where Kevin was and Ron explained he was resting in bed due to a cold or something. Seeing the kids were disappointed, Ron phoned Kevin, who agreed that I bring up the youngsters and they be photographed around him lying in bed. That was 40 years ago. I have not seen the kids since who must be now over 50, but can you imagine that access being granted today?

I also found a handwritten letter from Mark Hamill, who Star Wars fans will know as Luke Skywalker, on Return Of The Jedi headed Elstree paper. I had invited him to meet youngsters at the same youth club and I picked him up from Elstree Studios. The next day he sent me this letter: "Dear Paul, just a brief note to thank you for an unforgettable evening! True I was exhausted but I only needed to see the kids' faces to realise how much two hours of my time can mean to someone! Sometimes there is a tendency to get a bit out of touch with the very people we are making these films for I think. Tell everyone who took time to come last night how much warmth they exuded and how terrific they made me feel. Thanks again for making it such an enjoyable experience and all the best to Borehamwood, the true home of the Star Wars saga."

All this stuff now resides in a storage locker but hopefully before I kick the bucket it may find a home in a local heritage centre.

Until we meet again take care and I hope the force is with you. If not, remember a gin and tonic a day keeps the doctor away, but please read health guidance advice on the consumption of alcohol. Personally, not a drop passes my lips. Okay, that's because I use a straw!

  • Paul Welsh MBE is a Borehamwood writer and historian of Elstree Studios