Well, dear readers, I continue to fall apart - but with style. As Bette Davis once said, it is tough getting old but I did not realise that started at my age of 49.

This week it is a pot pourri of news which in other words means I cannot think of a topic for this week. Come on, give me a break as I am only human and think how many weekly columns I have written over 45 years.

I must start with what, if I read it correctly, means that the future of the BBC Elstree Centre has been saved. Our local MP Oliver Dowden has announced that he, along with the leader of Hertsmere Council Cllr Morris Bright, have met with the BBC Director General Tim Davie. They have apparently secured the future of the studio and Oliver says: "I am pleased that the BBC have committed to ensuring the continued filming of EastEnders as well as the long term use of the site for production."

The latter words are important as it can be assumed to relate to the whole studio site, otherwise it would mean nothing as the BBC already announced they would lease back the area used by EastEnders in any sale. I guess we must watch this space but it is a known fact that investors and film and television companies are crying out for production space, so it is logical.

Sad to read that actress Louise Fletcher has died aged 88. You may not remember the name but she played the horrible nurse opposite Jack Nicholson in the classic One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and won herself an Oscar. I loved her quip in her acceptance speech when she joked "it is nice to know you hated me so much".

I read with interest that the actor Peter Bowles left a modest £300,000 in his will. He had been retired for years but I am sure you will remember him for starring in To The Manor Born when the BBC and other traditional television stations could attract 20 million viewers a show. Now executives on far bigger salaries go out and celebrate on somebody's expense account if they hit two million but of course times and viewers' choices have changed a great deal. Just a thought, but why not link salaries to the results of today, as alas gravy trains usually tend to derail.

Lastly, the composer John Williams has been awarded an honorary knighthood at the age of 90. Of course he will be remembered for the score of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, both shot at Elstree Studios, and so much more. He already has 25 Grammy awards, seven BAFTA honours and five Oscars. Alas, as an American he cannot use the title Sir but who cares and again why did it take so long? Until next week take care.

  • Paul Welsh MBE is a Borehamwood writer and historian of Elstree Studios