An Elstree charity has been awarded £3,000 as part of an educational programme to raise awareness of philanthropy among young people.

Penniwells Riding for the Disabled group, based off Barnet Lane, received the cash after pupils from Edgware's London Academy argued on its behalf as part of a school debate.

Year 10 students Lucy Ogilvie-Herald, Georgina MacDonald, Lori Westmoreland and Saffron Gallorotti took part in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI), a pilot scheme which is part of the school's citizenship syllabus.

In groups, children chose a charity, analysed its management, budget and staffing arrangements, and presented to the rest of the school why their charity most deserved support.

Trix Summerfield, Penniwells chairman, said: "The YPI is an amazing scheme. The girls wrote a poem and made a short film for their presentation. It was fantastic and we are delighted to get the money. It will go towards a new hydraulic mounting area."

James Townsend, YPI programme manager, said he was "incredibly impressed" with the students who took part in the presentations on February 6. He said: "I hope YPI will inspire them to continue supporting the great work local charities are doing."

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