An innovative training programme which has helped long-term unemployed residents back into work will continue thanks to council funding.

Hertsmere Borough Council has agreed to award up to £20,000 to the council's community wealth building Project, which, in three months, has helped 27 long-term unemployed people back into jobs, by boosting their employment and life skills.

In addition, a further 32 individuals who were not identified as long-term unemployed have secured jobs through the project.

The project is being delivered in conjunction with the Department for Work and Pensions and Clarion Futures. It was being funded through the Government's Community Renewal Fund, however, that fund was due to end last month.

To enable the project to continue until October, the council's Executive members agreed this week to the further cash boost. Hopes are a bid for more government funding, which is currently being prepared, will enable it to continue after the autumn.

Caroline Clapper, who is deputy leader at the council and and responsible for economic development, said: "With both Elstree Studios' new soundstage and Sky Studios Elstree set to begin operating this month, it's vital that we ensure people who need the jobs these opportunities will create have the employment and life skills available to secure them.

"Through working closely with our partners at the Department of Work and Pensions and Clarion Futures, we've been delighted at the results this project has achieved so far.

"It has enabled residents from a variety of backgrounds to make the first steps towards a better future and for many has resulted in job offers."

The project delivers a series of training sessions on a range of skills, focussing on employability skills, including CV writing, interview skills, Microsoft training, construction training, security personnel training and retail/customer service training.

Last month, Borehamwood Jobcentre Plus was awarded a Director's Innovation award at the south east of England Race for Jobs awards for its role in delivering the community wealth building project.

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