Previously shelved housing plans intended for Radlett’s green belt are potentially being revived by developers, documents suggest.

Developers have submitted a screening opinion to Hertsmere Council to determine if they need an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for proposals previously included in the Hertsmere draft Local Plan.

They included building 195 homes on land south of Shenley Hill with access via Shenley Hill and Theobald Street.  

Space for additional playing fields for Newberries Primary School and a new medical centre were also included.

The screening opinion was submitted on March 28 and has now closed, but should developers need an EIA they may need to alter plans before any official planning application is made.

Stephen Balsam, co-founder of campaign group Save Radlett, said: “I am concerned that developers are in the process of putting in a full-blown planning application for the best part of 200 homes.

“There are potentially more cars and it’s a danger. We are concerned about the infrastructure, the environment, the pollution.

“As residents of Hertsmere, we don’t want hundreds of acres of green belt decimated and ruined that ultimately takes away from the beauty of the planet.

“There are enough brownfield sights for developers to look at if they need to build.”

Borehamwood Times: Save Radlett co-founder Stephen BalsamSave Radlett co-founder Stephen Balsam

Stephen warned that residents across Hertsmere should be worried about more plans being submitted.

“If small sections of the Hertsmere Local Plan are being put in for planning, who knows what else can happen.”

The Hertsmere Local Plan was drawn up to outline how Hertsmere is expected to grow over the next 15 years, by providing homes and jobs.

It was produced in response to the government’s target of building 12,000 homes.

But the plans were dropped in January after members of the public strongly opposed the project that indicated large areas of green belt were to be built on.

However councils are legally obliged to create a local plan.

The developer Fairfax Acquisitions said it would currently not be commenting further than what is in its screening request.