A swastika daubed on a road in Borehamwood has been cleaned away just hours after it was spotted by a local councillor.

The "appalling" graffiti was found in Red Road, off Theobald Street, by Cllr Richard Butler this morning (December 15).

The Hertsmere Labour party posted images on Facebook of two pieces of graffiti it had discovered, including a swastika, and what appears to be the Star of David; a symbol of Judaism, that had been circled.

The post added: "Thanks to Cllr Richard Butler who spotted a number of instances of appalling antisemitic daubings, including this swastika, around Red Road in Borehamwood early this morning.

"Cllr Butler has asked the council (Hertsmere) to take swift action to remove this shocking and offensive vandalism.

"This has also been reported to the police and CST (Community Security Trust).

"At the last Hertsmere Borough Council meeting, our leader, Cllr Jeremy Newmark, warned about extremist groups targeting the local Jewish community. There is no room for antisemitism in our borough."

Cllr Butler's colleague, Cllr Michelle Vince, later posted photos which showed the graffiti had been washed away.

In October, police appealed for information about leaflets that had been distributed to homes across Borehamwood that had a focus on banning Kosher, as well as Halal, slaughter methods.

Hertfordshire Constabulary says it had been recorded as a "hate incident".

There have been further examples of antisemitism in the town in recent years, such as when swastikas were daubed in Furzehill Road, Stapleton Road, and The Campions.

And two Mezuzah's - a piece of parchment traditionally put at the front door of Jewish households - were removed on the Farriers Way estate in May; a day after a video surfaced in north London of a convoy of Pro-Palestinian protesters who could be heard shouting "f*** the Jews" and "rape their daughters".