A strong community spirit was in the air as people came together to participate in a day of social action.

Youngsters and adults alike in Borehamwood marked Mitzvah Day with a host of activities for good causes.

Mitzvah Day is the UK's largest faith-led day of social action taking place every year in November. This year, it fell yesterday on Sunday November 21.

In Borehamwood, the theme was tackling the climate emergency with pupils from Yavneh College, St Teresa’s, Kenilworth, and Saffron Green schools spent the last week producing drawings, writing poems, and creating sculptures in 'homage to Planet Earth'.

The artwork was then displayed at Gratitude's food hub in the town centre.

Activities on Mitzvah Day itself included a a litter pick at Maxwell Park and in Manor Way, where members of the International Christian Fellowship joined in.

Borehamwood Times: A litter pick was held. Credit: Valeria FazekasA litter pick was held. Credit: Valeria Fazekas

Volunteers also gathered outside Borehamwood Mosque where they were shown round by a community leader to improve understanding of the Muslim faith.

In the afternoon, volunteers distributed food to those in need at Gratitude’s hub supported by founders John and Sheila Carlisle.

Mitzvah Day project co-ordinator and Borehamwood Kenilworth Labour councillor Dan Ozarow said: "I have been blown away by the hundreds of local schoolchildren who have contributed to Borehamwood Mitzvah Day.

"This is the spirit of Mitzvah Day and I’d like to thank Gratitude, all the teachers, parents, children and other volunteers for making it such a successful and beautiful project."

Borehamwood Times: Inside Borehamwood Mosque on Mitzvah Day. Credit: Valeria FazekasInside Borehamwood Mosque on Mitzvah Day. Credit: Valeria Fazekas

Kenilworth pupil Zaynab Alam, who read a poem, said: "I enjoyed coming together with different people from the community and doing the litter pick.

"I wish the environment was much cleaner. I liked it when Cllr Ozarow was honest and said adults have messed up. Now we know it’s up to the kids to save the planet."

Amir from Borehamwood Mosque added: "This is the second year the Muslim community of Borehamwood has taken part in Mitzvah Day. This has been a great opportunity for our communities to work together to achieve a positive outcome for the local area.

"We look forward to continuing to foster a positive relationship with Borehamwood’s Jewish and other faith communities."