A planning committee member has issued an apology following comments he made about a housing developer.

At a council meeting July 15, Borehamwood councillor Glenn Briski said Hertsmere Borough Council received a letter about him from Griggs Homes which he claimed was "aggressive and contained a number of threats".

Cllr Briski also accused the contents of the email of being "very dishonest" and that the email "cast doubt" about all the information Griggs had provided about its application to redevelop Cowley Hill Stables.

Griggs Homes confirmed it had emailed the council with "concerns" Cllr Briski had "pre-determined" his vote following comments he made in a social media group about the stables application a day before the planning meeting.

But Griggs Homes told the Times on July 16 the company denied all of the allegations Cllr Briski made about the email in the meeting and said the company would be seeking a "formal public retraction of the allegations and apology from those involved".

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Nearly three months on, Cllr Briski has now issued an apology about some of allegations he made in the council meeting.

In the posting on a public Facebook group, the Conservative member said it "has been agreed with Griggs Homes' lawyers" that he must post this statement on this particular Facebook group - Well End Ers - as well as read it at tonight's planning committee meeting (October 14).

In his statement, Cllr Briski said it was "wrong" to describe the email sent by Griggs as "very aggressive" and apologised for describing it as such.

He also said he claimed Griggs were "very dishonest" because the developer had complained he had "pre-determined" his decision to defer the stables redevelopment.

Cllr Briski said in his statement he "appreciates Griggs Homes has a right to make a complaint" and that they "were not very dishonest" in making the complaint.

Cllr Briski also apologised and said he would retract what he said about the email, which the Times has seen, "casting doubt over the veracity of the information" Griggs had provided about its application.

In a post made on the Well End Ers group on July 14, Cllr Briski said "serious concerns" had been highlighted to him about Griggs' application and he also pointed towards a lack of consultation with sporting bodies.

He said he had shared those concerns with the planning committee chairman and wrote "they have agreed the application should be deferred".

Griggs appeared to immediately seek legal advice about Cllr Briski's comments and a spokesperson told the Times on July 16: "The advice we received was that it could be considered and appeared that these members had pre-determined the application and that their conduct was unusual and outside of normal practice by members of a planning committee."

Griggs said it emailed the head of legal services at the council at the "earliest opportunity" to raise concerns about Cllr Briski's comments and "respectfully requested" that neither of the said members - the other being Labour group leader Jeremy Newmark - be allowed to participate in the debate or the vote on the application given their communications (about the application).

Following Cllr Briski's apology this week, a Griggs spokesperson said: "We are pleased the matter has finally been clarified, an apology made, and our name cleared of any of the allegations of threats, aggression, and dishonesty."

At the planning meeting in July, Cllr Newmark accused Griggs of "bullying behaviour". He has issued a statement this week confirming both he and his colleague Cllr Christian Gray will "fully participate" in tonight's meeting when the Cowley Hill stables application returns to the planning committee for a third time.

The Hertsmere Labour Group added in a separate statement its "full solidarity" with Cllr Briski who they say "in effect has been bullied out of participating in this decision".

Cllr Briski said in his statement he had received legal advice from council officers to "recuse" himself from the vote to "avoid the possibility of a judicial review on the grounds of pre-determination".

The proposal to demolish the stables and build 13 homes has been deferred twice already.

It will be heard for a third time tonight with the planning committee scheduled to meet from 6pm.