The mother of a mental health patient allegedly raped at a mental health unit has alleged that those in charge knew of the assault.

The patient, a man from the Watford area, had been being treated at Kingfisher Court in Radlett in Autumn last year when he was attacked by two other patients.

According to the mother, he was offered a drug by two other patients, who assured him he would be kept safe, but was then taken to the unit’s back garden and raped.

Following the incident, her son was moved to another hospital in Essex, but his mother claims she was only told that he needed “a more specialist bed” and there was “a gang forming”.

A week after he was discharged from the Essex hospital.

After being reunited with his family, his mother says she could sense he was extremely “shaken up” and a few days after her son revealed what happened.

She believes staff at Kingfisher Court knew of the attack and has called into question the safeguarding at Kingfisher Court.

She also believes that the two suspects were later sent off to another hospital but placed together and not separated.

And she further alleges that Kingfisher Court did not inform the new hospital of the rape allegations until police were involved.

The mum has told the Observer she believes there may be other victims and is calling for other people to come forward.

She said: “I feel he was moved to Essex because they knew what happened to him.

“Even though Kingfisher Court knew the allegations, they still let the two move on together. That is the part that really is sticking in my throat.

“You go into those places to get better, not to get worse.”

The Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Kingfisher Court, is aware of the allegations.

A spokesperson said: “The Trust is committed to ensuring the safety of all service users in our care.

“We are currently assisting police with their inquiries so it would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this stage.”

The Care Quality Commission are also looking into the allegations.

A spokesperson said: “CQC inspectors are aware of this incident and we await the outcome of the police investigation.

“Due to the unannounced nature of CQC inspections, we wouldn’t be able to disclose when we are next inspecting the service.”

Meanwhile, Hertfordshire Constabulary has confirmed they are looking into the allegations and that enquires continue at this time.