A much-loved member of Borehamwood’s community who has been described as a "glow of sunshine" has died from cancer.

Teresa Gray was a friendly and familiar face, both in the town centre where she would spend many a day browsing Borehamwood’s shops and cafés, but also within the community where she involved herself for years with charitable organisations.

Teresa, 56, volunteered with the British Heart Foundation for five years, and then spent 11 years with the Peace Hospice in the town.

She worked at the Peace Hospice with one of her closest friends Michelle Smith, who described Teresa as "so fun and brilliant" at her job.

Michelle added: "She brought so much trade to the Peace Hospice because everyone knew her and she knew everyone’s name. 'Pickled onions' was Teresa’s phrase for when something went wrong."

Teresa faced barriers in her life but she would never let that stop her, and she created many happy and wonderful memories with learning disability charity Hertsmere Mencap.

Borehamwood Times: Teresa Gray at Hertsmere MencapTeresa Gray at Hertsmere Mencap

The chairman of Mencap, Paul Moser said: "Everyone loved Teresa who, with her ready smile, brightened up all our lives. She was so much part of what we do, not only taking part in many activities but also, for instance, making the teas at arts & crafts – she’ll be really missed by us all."

Teresa attended the Jubilee Club at Mencap where she took part in activities like drama and art.

Volunteer Hannah Hyman said: "She always greeted everyone with a smile."

Borehamwood Times: Teresa Gray, right, pictured at Hertsmere MencapTeresa Gray, right, pictured at Hertsmere Mencap

One of Teresa’s longest and dearest friends was Amanda Hardy. They first met 36 years ago at Aycliffe Day Centre.

Amanda said: "Teresa was a lovely beautiful human, a glow of sunshine. She was very proud of herself and she had a beautiful outlook on life.

"When her husband Bob died a few years ago, I kind of took her under my wing although she still lived independently. Teresa meant an awful lot to me."

Borehamwood Times: Teresa Gray at a party Teresa Gray at a party

Away from her work, Teresa loved all sorts including television – her favourite programmes were Family Guy and Two and a Half Men.

She also adored trainers, country music, and shandy, and meeting people while wandering through Borehamwood town centre or while waiting at the bus stop.

Sandra, who works at Hertsmere Mencap, said: "I would often see Teresa in Borehamwood. There were so many people who stopped to chat to Teresa that it would take her forever to make it to the other end of the village."

Borehamwood Times: Teresa Gray, left, was a much-loved member of the Borehamwood communityTeresa Gray, left, was a much-loved member of the Borehamwood community

Towards the end of last year, Teresa was diagnosed with liver cancer. She underwent chemotherapy but in March she had a stroke.

After recovering from her stroke, Teresa fought the disease but around six weeks before she died, her condition deteriorated.

After spending five weeks in Barnet Hospital, with family and friends, including Michelle and Amanda visiting when they could, Teresa passed away on August 8.

Borehamwood Times: Teresa GrayTeresa Gray

Since news of her death was revealed, there has been an outpouring of tributes from hundreds of residents across Borehamwood.

Julie Gray, Teresa's niece, said: "All of the family would like to thank everyone for their support and kind words over the last couple of weeks."

Julie also paid a special thank you to the Peace Hospice and Hertsmere Mencap for all of the support the organisations gave her.

Teresa’s funeral will take place on Wednesday August 25.