Borehamwood Market will be allowed to operate for another year but its long-term future is still up in the air.

Hertsmere Borough Council will grant another one-year extension to the market in Shenley Road when its current extension runs out on August 31.

It means traders will be allowed to operate along the service road up until at least next summer.

There have been calls over the years from residents and opposition members of the council to make improvements to the town centre market.

At a council Executive meeting on July 7, Cllr Caroline Clapper, who recently took on responsibility of the marker under her new role as portfolio holder for property and economic development, explained why the one-year extension was necessary.

She said: "We need breathing space (to find a long-term solution).

"For a long time, we’ve had discussion about the market and opinions about what is needed and wanted. Ultimately we actually really need to know and understand what is best for our high street, what’s best for our shops, and what’s best for our residents.

"This breathing space will allow us to have the opportunity to properly consult with those businesses in Borehamwood has to find out exactly what they want…so we can make correct decision that works for everyone."

The current market operation contract began in September 2014 for an initial period of two years with two further extensions of two years each, a maximum contract period of 6 years.

An extension to the Borehamwood Market Operation Contract was granted last summer and the Executive agreed to grant another extension which will expire on August 31 2022.

Non-executive member and leader of the Hertsmere Labour group, Jeremy Newmark, appeared frustrated that the council had yet to provide certainty on the market's long-term future in Borehamwood.

He said in the meeting: "I’ve been saying this for coming up to five years…this is yet another failure to deliver (a long-term future).

"This has been a hot potato that has been passed around. We’ve gone from receiving income in excess of £80,000 per annum to well below £20,000.

"I appreciate it has been a difficult time with Covid but these problems and delays began pre-Covid."

Executive committee chairman and leader of the council, Cllr Morris Bright, said: "I went to St Albans market a week or so ago. I’d love it if we could have something like that in Borehamwood, even if it’s monthly. I’d certainly like us to see what we could be able to do in the future."