Key seats will be won and lost with a set of elections taking place across Borehamwood and the rest of Hertfordshire on May 6.

Every county council seat in Hertfordshire is up for grabs, but there are also two by-elections taking place at Hertsmere Borough Council.

One of these by-elections is taking place in the Borehamwood Kenilworth ward and is taking place following the death of Conservative councillor Cynthia Barker in September last year.

Ms Barker was also serving as Hertsmere's civic mayor at the time.

In normal circumstances, an election would have taken place in Kenilworth but the pandemic has delayed the process.

But on May 6, voters living in Kenilworth ward will have the chance to elect their new ward councillor, and join Labour's Rebecca Challice and the Conservative's Brett Rosehill.

There are three candidates vying for the vacant seat in Borehamwood Kenilworth. They have told us a little bit about themselves and why residents should vote for them.

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Elections take place on May 6

Elections take place on May 6

Darren Diamond, Liberal Democrats

There is no Liberal Democrat presence currently in Borehamwood - but accountant Darren Diamond will be hoping to change that.

Mr Diamond, who is also a care-home company director, has been a member of the Lib Dems for 20 years and recently moved to Hertsmere from Harrow, where he says he worked with residents to tackle a number of issues, including potholes, overgrown trees, and fly-tipping.

He said: "I will fight for better infrastructure in Kenilworth, and stop developers stacking them high and building them cheap while ignoring local needs. I will also campaign for a new GP surgery and secondary school in south Borehamwood."

Liberal Democrat candidate Darren Diamond

Liberal Democrat candidate Darren Diamond

David Neifeld, Conservative

Rabbi Neifeld is standing as a Conservative candidate for the first time but he is an experienced party member and campaigned in several seats previously.

The religious leader, who works in food certification, is hoping to retain the Kenilworth seat for the Tories.

He said: "As a father of a young child, I understand what it means to work hard for your family and to feel proud of the community where you choose to raise them. I want to work hard for all families in the area and ensure that they continue to feel proud of the place they call home.

"I believe in the core value of The Conservative Party which include freedom, independence, choice and ambition. As we come out of the Covid, a time that has been difficult for all in our own way, we need to harness these pillars to bounce back and build a bright future.

"If elected, I will focus on representing the people of Borehamwood Kenilworth and be their voice on the council. I will work hard to ensure the smooth and efficient provision of key public services."

Conservative candidate David Neifeld

Conservative candidate David Neifeld

Dan Ozarow, Labour

Dr Ozarow has been selected once again as a Labour candidate for this seat.

The university lecturer could not have come closer to becoming a Kenilworth councillor when he lost out on lots to his colleague Kumail Jaffer at the borough elections in 2019.

After Mr Jaffer resigned in early 2020, Dr Ozarow sought to replace him, but the seat was taken by the Conservative's Brett Rosehill.

Looking ahead to this week's by election, Dr Ozarow, a father of two young children, said: "I am an active community campaigner, I help coordinate Save Aldenham Reservoir, Elstree & Borehamwood Residents Association (until the by-election) and SURGE (The Campaign for a New Community Medical Centre in Borehamwood South). I have also been Hertsmere Labour’s Kenilworth ward champion for a number of years.

"I have a proven track record of standing up for Kenilworth residents and campaigning alongside you to improve our town. A vote for me would be a vote for someone who you can trust to be on your side.

"I will continue to lobby for a new GP surgery, protect our greenbelt in Well End, invest in youth services, make our streets safer and support local businesses and shops especially on Manor Way and Howard Drive."

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Labour candidate Dan Ozarow