As a long-time tenant of Elstree Studios and having grown up in Boreham Wood, I have to congratulate Roger Morris on his 12 fantastic years at the helm of the studios.

Roger and his dedicated team have transformed Elstree from, and I paraphrase the late Michael Winner; "a load of run-down sheds off the A1" to a thriving studio complex.

Along with the studios success, Roger and his team have contributed to the wellbeing of Borehamwood and helped fill the coffers of Herstmere.

When Roger took command the studio was once again fighting for its survival. Keeping developers at bay, eager to persuade and pressure the council that housing would be more appropriate for the site.

Apart from the production successes of the past 12 years, Roger and his team have managed to keep the studio safe and active over the past devastating 12 months.

I have been at Elstree since we started some 30 years ago and have seen her emerge from the darkside when almost all was lost and this is thanks to his determination to see his vision through.

So I would like to thank Roger and his team for the past 12 years and onwards to a bright future complete with new stages.

Paul Sattin, Sapex, Elstree Studios

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