A woman who tragically lost her "soulmate" last month has recalled the "catastrophic" moment three years ago which changed their lives in an instant.

Eev Rhodes has paid tribute to her "most kind and creative" partner Robert Lent, who died at Radlett train station in November.

Robert, affectionately known to Eev as 'Robbie' was pronounced dead at the station on the evening of November 8, and an inquest process into Robbie’s death has begun.

Nearly a month on, Eev has revealed how their "amazing whirlwind" together was shattered when Robbie suffered a bleed on the brain in 2017, robbing him of his ability to move and speak.

Eev said: "It was sudden and catastrophic and changed his life in an instant."

The couple had met two years before Robbie’s stroke – Eev said it was "almost love at first sight" when she met him while he was performing with his band JUKE in Rickmansworth in the summer of 2015.

“Overawed” by his musical talent, the pair struck up a relationship immediately; Eev describing Robbie as the "most unmaterialistic person she had ever met" but also the "most kind, loving and creative".

Borehamwood Times:

Robbie and Eve

When Robbie had a stroke, the love he and Eev shared for each other did not diminish, and the couple battled through and he slowly began regaining some movement and speech.

Because they were not married, Eev was not listed as the next of kin so she was unable to oversee Robbie’s recovery as much as she’d like.

Robbie was moved into a care home and the pandemic meant seeing him was difficult. Last month, Eev received the devastating news that Robbie has passed away at the station.

Eev said: "He begged to be with me and I gave him every assurance that this time I would make it happen.

"He had lost so much confidence, but I constantly bombarded him with the love he deserved."

Borehamwood Times:

Eev added: "Robbie meant everything to me, we were soulmates. I don't say this lightly, we told each other every day how lucky we were to have each other and nothing would tear us apart.

"Our standout memories were going to the walled city in Lucca Italy, riding around on our bikes, going to the States and seeing our first live Armadillo.

"In fact everything we did together was magical."