Two members of staff at Bushey Meads school have tested positive for Covid-19.

Hertfordshire County Council have confirmed that the two members were sent home immediately after testing positive for Covid-19.

The county council says that the staff members are self-isolating and neither member has been asked to return to school.

These are currently the only two confirmed cases of Covid-19 at the school and it is believed the results came through last week.

With both members now self-isolating, the school is continuing to operate as normal.

Elsewhere, The Jewish Academy Trust said a “small number of pupils” at Hertsmere Jewish Primary School, near Radlett, have tested positive for the virus – and three classes have been isolated as a result.

Yavneh College is another school where it has been confirmed pupils are self-isolating, and it is understood there are other schools in the borough where similar action has been taken.

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Yesterday, a senior councillor warned schools could close after a “significant” outbreak of COVID-19 in Hertsmere.

Hertfordshire County Council has said that large gatherings and house parties that happened in the Borehamwood area in late August are to blame for the spread of Covid-19, which has seen at least 60 people living in Hertsmere test positive over the last week.

Through contact tracing, the council says at least 200 teenagers have identified attending these parties.

But it seems that social events involving younger children have also caused the virus to spread.

In a bid to ensure the spread stays under control, residents in Hertsmere are being urged to follow the guidelines on gatherings and taking precautions with regards to social distancing.

The director of Public Health in Hertfordshire, Jim McManus has also written to parents across the county this week reminding them to take key actions to stop the spread. 

Cllr Tim Hutchings, executive member for public health in Hertfordshire, said: “We now need all residents in Hertsmere to pay really close attention to this serious issue of the spread of COVID-19, as well as working with community leaders, to remind them of the importance of following the government’s guidance to minimise the risks of the spread of COVID-19.

"If we do not get a grip on this local outbreak, then the risk is that schools may need to close.

“We have written again today to parents and carers of children at schools where fellow pupils are now playing their part by self-isolating, with a stern warning: stop these house parties and private events or face enforcement action of up to a £10,000 fine.”