A mum and daughter have given up their free time over the pandemic to make face masks for key workers free of charge.

Kim Waite and her daughter Kirsty, who live in Elstree, have been described as "superwomen" for the work they have done to help people keep safe from Covid-19.

Kim says right at the beginning of lockdown, she wanted her and her family to feel secure and they all began wearing masks.

She was concerned by the number of people dying from coronavirus and had recently lost her dad to pneumonia.

Kim, who has been working full-time, began making masks but it was just meant to be a hobby with her granddaughter.

But after the Superdrug employee posted her masks on Facebook, she was inundated with requests - and Kim and her daughter have been making machine-washable reusable masks non-stop since.

And Kim has not made a penny from this venture and any donations that have been made by mask buyers have been given to charity - Kim has raised more than £5,000 and created more than 3,000 masks.

Borehamwood Times:

Kim and Kirsty

Kim said: "When I started to make masks, it was just for fun but then it got shared on Facebook and we were inundated.

"It was all about helping people and keeping busy. We make 100 a night and the masks have been supporting bus drivers, pharmacists, foodbanks, shops, nurses, and more.

"I felt like we needed to do something to help people and we're not going to stop because we enjoy making them."

Kim and Kirsty's selfless work was recognised by their friend Samantha Woods, who also lives in Elstree, and she felt they deserved to be recognised.

Samantha said: "Kim and Kirsty have been working all hours to make the masks. Kim has a full time job and Kirsty has two children, one of which is a newborn.

"They have donated the masks from their own pocket. To me they are like superwomen. Their dedication and selfless generosity deserves praise.

"The world needs more people like them."

Kim and Kirsty have set up a Just Giving Page and an Instagram page with donations going to NHS charities.