A Borehamwood charity which has distributed millions of pounds worth of goods around the world to people in need is now in need of some help itself.

Goods for Good founder Rosalind Bluestone says she desperately needs a new, bigger home for her charity after a surge in those needing support due to Covid-19.

Goods for Good is currently based in Manor Way.

Ms Bluestone says she is looking for a ground floor space of between 2,000-4,000 sq ft, with office accommodation for up to four people.

The site must have vehicle access and parking and the charity does have an allocated budget for rent.

Ideally, this new space would be in Borehamwood but the the founder is open to the opportunity of finding a space in neighbouring areas like Barnet, Edgware, Bushey, or Watford.

Borehamwood Times:

The mayor and deputy mayor of Elstree & Borehamwood, Cllr's Simon Rubner and Sandra Parnell are pictured supporting Goods for Good over the Covid-19 pandemic

Ms Bluestone said: "We need to find a new home for our charity.

"The demand from other charities and organisations asking for our help has increased due to Covid-19 and as more people find themselves in desperate financial circumstances and unable to support their families.

"The premises we are in aren’t large enough for the regular community activities we hold, when we sort and pack thousands of pounds-worth of toiletries, hygiene products, clothing and shoes, donated by both industry and community."

Founded six years ago, Goods for Good has supported more than two million people in desperate need, delivering essential goods to 20 countries, including in eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The charity has delivered more than £20 million worth of humanitarian overstocked goods internationally but this is on hold due to Covid-19.

Instead Goods for Good has been delivering essential goods to those in need including front line NHS teams, UK food banks, vulnerable families and the homeless.

If you can help Goods for Good find a new office, email rosalind@goodsforgood.org.uk