Only three coronavirus deaths were reported for people living in Hertsmere in June, a new data map has shown.

The Office for National Statistics has released an interactive map which reveals how many coronavirus deaths there have been in each postcode.

After Hertsmere was heavily hit by Covid-19 during the peak of the pandemic, the latest data is extremely encouraging - as is the latest data on case numbers in the borough.

Covid-19 deaths and death rate in Hertsmere

Earlier this year, we reported how Hertsmere had the highest death rate in the whole of the UK.

This data from the ONS did not mean Hertsmere had recorded the highest number of Covid-19 deaths in the country - but when the number of deaths in the borough were compared to the number of residents in Hertsmere, a Covid-19 death rate of 159.3 per 100,000 people was higher than anywhere else.

Hertsmere's current death rate is currently 166.7 which places it 13th in the list, just ahead of Watford.

Top 15 highest Covid-19 death rates in the UK. Deaths per 100,000 population and over the whole pandemic

  1. Brent, London - 216.6
  2. Newham, London - 201.6
  3. Haringey, London - 185.1
  4. Hackney, London - 183.3
  5. Harrow, London - 182.8
  6. Middlesbrough - 178.0
  7. Lambeth, London - 176.4
  8. Lewisham, London 175.7
  9. Ealing, London - 168.8
  10. Tower Hamlets, London - 168.8
  11. Croydon, London - 168.4
  12. Southwark, London - 166.9
  13. Hertsmere - 166.7
  14. Salford - 166.2
  15. Watford -165.2


Data released by Hertfordshire County Council revealed that care home outbreaks were the cause of many of the deaths in Hertsmere, with 15 out of 17 care homes in the borough reporting at least one case of Covid-19.

The evidence suggests that care home outbreaks have stopped which has brought the number of deaths in Hertsmere right down.

Below is a table showing how Covid-19 deaths have fallen month by month in Hertsmere.

Three deaths were reported in June - one in Brookmeadow ward in Borehamwood, one in Bushey Central, and one in Bushey North.

Explore this map for data on neighbouring local authorities

Broader data for Hertsmere has been released this week by the ONS which takes into account Covid-19 deaths that may have occurred in July.

Between June 27 and July 17, three Covid-19 deaths have been reported of people living in Hertsmere - two died in hospital and one person died in a care home.


Data released by the government has consistently put Hertsmere towards the bottom of the table for Covid-19 case rates, which is great news.

The latest Public Health England data puts Hertsmere with a case rate of 2.9, per 100,000 people, in the seven days up to July 24.

With a population of just over 100,000, this suggests around three people living in Hertsmere tested positive for coronavirus in those seven days.

In total, 482 cases have been identified in Hertsmere as of Monday afternoon (over the whole pandemic), an increase of 7 since July 11.

Latest weekly Covid rates (seven days up to July 24)

Hertsmere - 2.9

Watford - 10.3

St Albans - 4.7

Three Rivers - 5.4

Barnet - 5.1

Harrow - 4.0

Top 5 latest weekly Covid-19 rates (seven days up to July 24).

  1. Blackburn with Darwen - 75.2
  2. Leicester - 61.9
  3. Oldham - 48.4
  4. Bradford - 44.5
  5. Hyndburn (Lancashire) - 39.6

Overall case numbers as of July 27. The + number is the number of cases identified since July 11.

Hertsmere - 482 (+7)

Watford - 565 (+18)

Three Rivers - 362 (+5)

St Albans - 533 (+22)

Barnet - 1,651 (+64)

Harrow - 1,309 (+23)