Trespassers filmed themselves breaking into the Eastenders set in Borehamwood during lockdown.

The video, uploaded to YouTube, shows three men sneaking their way onto the set at 5am earlier this month.

The three "urban explorers" managed to use a blanket to disable high-tech security cameras at the site, which has been mainly empty after filming was paused due to coronavirus.

After climbing a security fence, they found themselves on the famous BBC set, before touring the fictional Walford.

Borehamwood Times:

One of the trespassers was filmed climbing over a security fence. Credit: UrbeXUntold

One of the YouTuber's said "we're going for a pint" as he filmed himself heading into the Queen Vic pub .

Then, they headed to the Minute Mart mini supermarket but as they left that particular set, they were spotted by security and made a run for it heading into Albert Square.

Borehamwood Times:

This was the site that greeted the trespassers when they made it onto the set. Credit: UrbeXUntold

Borehamwood Times:

The Queen Vic. Credit: UrbeXUntold

Borehamwood Times:

They also visited the Minute Mart. Credit: UrbeXUntold

Two men in high-vis jackets approached the trespassers and they were escorted to the entrance to the BBC centre.

But they managed to escape and were seen running into Eldon Avenue.

The Sun reported that police were called but the trio had already left.

The publication added that the BBC did not comment on security matters.

Borehamwood Times:

The trespassers are approached by security in Albert Square. Credit: YouTube/UrbeXUntold

The YouTube video is captioned by the creator, UrbeXUntold: "This is one that we took the opportunity to do while Covid 19 had ceased the Eastenders crew from filming.

"At first we were not sure how to get past the cameras with built in sensors but we managed to come up with a plan to buy us them valuable minutes inside the set.

"Once down and inside, we had a quick run around getting as many photos as possible and as expected we were caught pretty quick. We did try and run for the fence line but they surrounded us.

"Do not try this as security has been tightened up and also filming has now started again and if your caught inside they will prosecute you for aggravated trespass."

YouTube video (warning contains strong language)