A dog walker says she is "devastated" to hear the news that she will no longer be able to walk the whole way around a reservoir.

Margaret Considine, of Sullivan Way, Elstree, has walked countless time around Aldenham Reservoir but the private owners of the lake are putting a stop to that.

Owners Liberty Lake Leisure Ltd have been constructing a fence around the reservoir, which will prevent walkers from being able to complete a full circuit of the lake.

Liberty, which has owned the reservoir since 2015, says the fence is required for health and safety reasons, but added it will bring benefits to anglers, and stop litter from being thrown towards the water and into undergrowth.

The fence will restrict views over the water in parts but the biggest consequence is where people can walk.

Borehamwood Times:

Credit: Councillor Pat Strack, Elstree & Borehamwood Town Council

Ms Considine said: "I have raised three children and three dogs over the last 36 years and loved the wonder, beauty and pleasure that our nigh on daily walks around Aldenham Lake has afforded us throughout those year.

"We have watched countless species of birds come, nest, go and return the following year. Literally thousands of photos taken and stored as part of our journey through life.

"This was a jewel, a precious and much loved area of beauty, wildlife, pleasure and teaching for our children. It is fast becoming a barren, smelly and unsightly area."

"I am utterly devastated to be honest by what’s happening."

Further changes at the reservoir including a metre of water which has been drained because Liberty said pressure needed to be eased on a dam wall. The water reduction has left a sludgy beach around the water.

The loss of water has caused Aldenham Sailing Club to end its lease at the reservoir.

Borehamwood Times:

Aldenham Reservoir pictured earlier this month. It was not long ago that this was covered in water

The fence is expected to be completed by July 4 and public notices have been put up at the reservoir.

The sign partially reads: 'No circular walk around the reservoir will be possible from 4th July 2020'.

A public right of way runs on the eastern side of the reservoir, but runs out near The Fishery pub in Elstree Road.

Liberty has said the fence is necessary because "walkers often go off the public footpath close to the edge of the water, and if someone slips and gets hurt or drowns then it’s a huge liability" and so to “keep the insurance premium at an affordable level Liberty need to mitigate the risks".