The vice-chairman of a parish council has resigned from his role and as a councillor as well.

Nigel Heller has left Shenley Parish Council but declined to comment to the Times on the reason behind his exit.

The parish council has also not responded to a request from the Times after Mr Heller stated the reason for his resignation was a "matter of record" with the parish council.

There is now a vacancy on the council.

A written request from ten electors in the parish must be received by Hertsmere Borough Council by July 9 to trigger a by-election.

If no request is received then the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

Although the reason behind Mr Heller's resignation is unknown, it comes just a couple of weeks after the chairman of the parish council, Cllr William Susman, was criticised by parents after they found out he had purchased some land which was in use by Shenley Primary School as part of its school field.

Parents and school governors marched down to the school on the morning of Saturday June 13 after finding out a fence was already being erected on the field.

Hertfordshire County Council had leased the private land for school use for 20 years but that lease came to an end in 2019.

Borehamwood Times:

Cllr William Susman speaking to demonstrators on June 13. Credit: Simon Jacobs

Cllr Susman and his neighbour Nikolai Levey, whose homes back onto the school field, were offered the opportunity to buy the land as well as the council - a sale was agreed between the private owners and Cllr Susman and Mr Levey in February this year.

The primary school will retain full use of the field for now, which includes an outdoor learning centre, following an urgent meeting which was held on June 15 between the school, the county council, Cllr Susman and Mr Levey, and Shenley county councillor Morris Bright.

Borehamwood Times:

The part of the school field (on the right) which has been sold

Visit for more details about the vacancy on the parish council.

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