A parish councillor has resigned from his position for the second time in less than two years.

Hertsmere Borough Council has confirmed Garry Walton has stepped down as a councillor at Aldenham Parish Council.

He was one of six Conservative councillors in Aldenham West, after he was elected with 845 votes during the 2019 May local elections.

His re-election came just five months after he resigned as a councillor for the first time.

Parish council chairman Viv Charrett confirmed in December 2018 that Mr Walton, a councillor of 20 years, had stepped down for personal reasons.

Despite leaving, Mr Walton, who lives in Radlett, decided to return to the parish council and he was successfully re-elected.

But he has now resigned again.

The borough council says a written request from ten electors in the parish ward must be sent to them by June 30 to trigger a by-election.

If no request is received, then Mr Walton's seat will be filled by co-option.

The Conservatives hold all 11 remaining seats on the parish council.