A parish councillor says he is "elated" after money was granted to help fight speeding on a hill.

Shenley Parish Council is likely to receive two speed indicator devices, which it would like to put in Black Lion Hill and Bell Lane.

The funding for the £8,000 devices has been approved by the police and crime commissioner for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd - but it is all subject to a suitability check by Hertfordshire County Council first.

If the county council approves the devices, one will put on the 30mph downward stretch of Black Lion Hill, while the other device will go on a 40mph stretch of Bell Lane, near the UCL Sports Ground.

The devices, known as SIDs, are not cameras, but they do warn drivers if they are exceeding the limit and show them how fast they are going.

Currently in Black Lion Hill, there is an electronic sign that warns drivers to slow down for the mini-roundabout at the bottom of Porters Park Drive, but there are no other deterrents.

You can see an existing electronic sign on the left of this street map

Councillor William Susman, chairman of the parish council, said: "We have asked for a device in Black Lion Hill where traffic is regularly well in excess of the 30mph speed limit.

"We did ourselves have some success in reducing traffic speed at this location by putting up a cardboard policeman with a speed gun, but the police themselves asked us to remove it as it was causing vehicles to slow down too abruptly.

"We applied for the money as over 10,000 cars a day pass along Black Lion Hill and the speed is terrifying for people who are walking up and down on the narrow footpath.

"It also makes it really dangerous for the residents there who need to cross the road as there is only a footpath on one side of the road for a couple of the houses.

"We are elated to have been allocated funding. It shows the police commissioner is taking the speeding issue in Shenley seriously. But the site does still need to be formally assessed.

"We really want a speed camera on Black Lion Hill as we feel this is the only way to completely stop the spate of accidents that have occurred but we are told that until sadly there are fatalities, we don’t stand a chance of getting one."

The funding has come from the police and crime commissioner's road safety fund.