The mystery of the flaming objects spotted in Borehamwood's skyline, reported in this paper last week, could have been solved.

A resident of the town claims to have seen people releasing what appeared to have been burning lanterns, in the sky.

David Zerafa, 20, said he saw the objects floating up after the fireworks display on November 5. He said: "I was walking back home after the fireworks display with my family. As we were walking past Aberford Park we heard a group of people laughing and making a lot of noise. They then released orange bags with flames inside up into the air. The wind picked the bags up and they floated up into the sky quite quickly.

"It could have been a Halloween toy or something similar but it was very orange and seemed to fit the description of what people saw that night."

But others who saw the objects described them as being the size and height of a large aeroplane and suggested they could have been Russian spy planes or meteors.

As well as the sightings on fireworks night the Borehamwood & Elstree Times received reports of similar objects being seen two months earlier.

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