A five-year-old girl has coloured the bricks of her home in honour of our frontline workers.

Rochelle Pye's daughter, Mya, decided she wanted to do something to show her support for the NHS and all of the other key workers working hard during the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of a national initiative, thousands of children have been encouraged to draw pictures of rainbows in order to ‘spread hope’ amid the ongoing pandemic.

Mya had already done this, with the picture proudly displayed in the window of her home in Barton Way, Borehamwood.

But after finding some chalk, Mya decided to go a step further to show her support.

For two days, and with a little bit of a help from her mum, Mya used the chalk to colour in the bricks of home and now her masterpiece is complete, to the delight of her mother and their neighbours.

Borehamwood Times:

Ms Pye said: "Mya decided to take her rainbow painting one step further and paint our house in water soluble chalk the colours of the rainbow, in support of all of the front line key workers who are helping to keep the country afloat.

"She also said it would make everyone feel a little bit happier to see something nice and colourful. Since we have finished, we have had comments from all of our neighbours about how nice it looks, with some children even stopping outside to take a few pictures.

"It makes me proud that she is so aware of what's going on around her and that she wants to show support, but I'm also a little sad because she is just five and shouldn't need to be aware of things like this at her age.

"If this artwork puts a smile on just one person's face at this terrible time, we consider it time well spent."

Mya and her family have also been showing their support for the NHS by clapping their hands at cheering at 8pm on the past two Thursdays.