Hundreds, if not thousands, of families flocked to the front of their homes in Borehamwood last night as part of a nationwide show of support for our NHS.

At 8pm yesterday evening, up and down the country, people cheered and clapped to honour our doctors, nurses, paramedics, carers, and everyone else in the NHS battling the coronavirus pandemic.

And the residents of Borehamwood certainly played their part, if the dozens or videos and posts on social media are anything to go by.

Among those who paid their respects to the NHS was the Barnett family, who live in Novello Way.

Simeon Barnett, 45, has a close connection to the NHS. His wife is a psychologist who used to work in the NHS, while he also has a huge relationship with blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan, having run five marathons for them and donated bone marrow.

He also wanted to take part in the applause to honour his neighbour.

He said: "At least one person in our street works in the NHS. We also have family friends, one friend in particular working on the frontline of this pandemic.

"We understand how hard he is working and how scary it is for him and his family. Although I don't think I really understand the lengths they are going to to help other people, until I see the images from hospitals and then it really hits home.

"The least we can do is stand outside our front door and cheer and clap and show our appreciation. Our whole road came together."

Father-of-two Mr Barnett added that it was great to hear the cheers from across Borehamwood and how everyone came together in the face of a crisis.

He added: "I was dubious that this nationwide applause would happen at first but the more the message was spread, the clearer it became that this was going to happen.

"I really wanted my neighbour to hear and see how much he is appreciated. This was a really easy positive way to show NHS workers what we think of what they're doing. To to it weekly would be nice."