Residents and honorary 'mini police' took action earlier this month after complaints about the amount of litter filling the streets.

Two police officers were joined by children and their parents, and other members of the community in Elstree on Sunday March 15.

Concerns had been raised on social media about the amount of rubbish in the village, so somebody suggested a litter pick.

They spoke to PCSO John Hainsworth, who enlisted the help of PC Darren Arbuthnott.

With the help of the children who dressed up as mini police officers, the group collected ten sacks of rubbish in just an hour.

PCSO Hainsworth said: "This was a great idea from local resident Samantha Woods to make a positive difference to a problem and help change how people feel about the area in which they live.

"We were of course more than happy to help. We borrowed mini police uniforms so children helping out could be honorary mini police officers for the event and using the police van, we took away the rubbish collected afterwards.

"We also spoke to a number of residents about issues they were concerned about and we will refer some of those on to other agencies and work to resolve other problems, including anti-social behaviour."

A second litter pick is planned on April 19, which may have to be postponed, due to coronavirus.