An elderly woman dubbed a 'local legend' is appealing for a housing association to take action to make it easier and safer for her to get into her home.

Joan Dorrington, 85, lives in Baker Court in Brook Road, Borehamwood, and she has lived in the building ever since it was built.

Last year, Ms Dorrington experienced a number of medical issues which has made life a whole lot more difficult for her.

She underwent two knee replacements and has problems with her shoulder.

As a consequence, Ms Dorrington, who volunteers at Elstree & Borehamwood Museum, moves less freely and is now reliant on a walking stick - but she still wants to be as active as possible.

And one of the main obstacles she now faces is a set of three steps to one of the entrances to Baker Court.

Borehamwood Times:

These three steps make it a real struggle for Ms Dorrington to get back into Baker Court

Ms Dorrington, a leaseholder at Baker Court, explained: "I have been really struggling since Christmas. When I go up the steps and pull the door outwards, which is heavy, I then have to wriggle and balance myself around the top step, and grab the hand rail on the inside without falling off.

"I've told Clarion Housing about and I was told get an occupational therapist. Clarion don't seem to care."

A visit to Baker Court with Cowley Hill ward councillor Michelle Vince proved just how much Ms Dorrington struggles.

She does have another option to get into the flats, but this requires her walking to the other end of the block and entering via a more accessible entrance.

Borehamwood Times:

Cllr Vince said: "Joan is doing her absolute best to stay active. It is just appalling when she tries to balance like this to get into her own home.

"I understand that at this time, it is recommended that people of her age should stay indoors but Joan won't be housebound forever.

"Joan is a local lady, I like to call her a local legend. We should be looking after Joan."

Cllr Vince added that she was "gravely concerned" about fire doors inside Baker Court that were not shutting properly.

Borehamwood Times:

This fire door was not shut during a visit to Baker Court a couple of weeks ago

Borehamwood Times:

Another fire door pictured during the visit didn't properly shut either

A spokesperson for Clarion Housing, which is responsible for the block of flats, said they are "keen" to find a solution for Ms Dorrington.

In a statement, Clarion Housing said: "We are keen to work with Ms Dorrington to ensure she can get in and out of the block easily. We have previously installed a grab rail and made adjustments to the communal rail following an Occupational Therapist’s assessment and are more than happy to carry out additional adjustments as a result of a further assessment.

"All communal fire doors are fully operational except one which is having a minor adjustment to fix. We would urge all residents to report repairs needed to communal doors to our contact centre as soon as they are spotted."

Cllr Vince said she "welcomed" what Clarion has done so far, but said the steps are a "hazard" and said it needs to be replaced with a slope or a new entrance.