Some schools in Hertfordshire have already decided to close, although the government has not yet announced a shutdown in England.

The Welsh government today announced that all schools will be closed by Friday for an early Easter break. Schools in Scotland will also close at the end of this week.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman stated that the possibility of school closures had always been part of the plan "should the medical and scientific advice state that was the right step to take and that we have reached the right moment to do so".

"That's the basis on which we make our decisions."

Here are a list of schools that have closed or partially closed:

Parkside Community Primary School, Borehamwood - closed

The school released a notice on its website saying it will be closed today (Wednesday 18) for deep cleaning to help prevent the spread of infection.

It said it would reopen this Friday (March 20).

The school advised anyone with symptoms of the virus to isolate themselves for 14 days.

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Stanborough School in Garston, Watford - closed

Students were told last week to self-isolate for 14 days after a member of the school's community tested positive for coronavirus.

The school has completely shut until the end of the month and a deep clean will be carried out during the closure.

It intends to reopen on March 23.

The University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield - online lectures

The university announced last week that from Monday (March 23) students are asked to not attend lectures on campus but said online learning will take place until after Easter break.

The school said last week a university student had tested positive for coronavirus and is now being looked after at home.

As a precaution, the university has suspended all staff travel to China, Hong Kong and Italy until further notice.

Falconer School, Bushey - closed

The school released a letter on its website last Friday (March 13) that it will close due to "severe staff absence and NHS Stay at Home guidance".

It released a follow-up statement yesterday (March 17) that the school will remain closed until next Tuesday (March 24).

The letter from headteacher Paul Clair read: "Unfortunately since I have last been in contact with you the staffing situation has deteriorated further.

"I would like to assure you there has not been a confirmed case of coronavirus in our school however, the new measures put in place by the Government yesterday and my duty of care to staff and students leaves me with no other option."

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Laureate Academy, Hemel Hempstead - closed

The school released a notice that it will remain closed until April 20 after the Government and Public Health England's advice on managing the virus.

The notice read: "This closure comes as a result of the precedented challenges that Covid-19 presents to our communities.

"This week, student attendance has decreased alongside an increase in staff absence due to the latest guidance."

The Chauncy School, Ware - partially closed

The secondary school has been partially closed "until all further notice".

In a post on the school's website, headteacher Dennis O'Sullivan said the school has decided to prioritise year 11 and 13 and cancel all other lessons.

An update on the school's plans was posted online yesterday by deputy headteacher Steve Walton.

The school said year 11 and 13 students should attend lessons as usual. If the school is forced to close, then both years will be enrolled on learning website Google Classroom.

Parmiter's School, Garston - partially closed

The secondary school released a letter to parents and have decided to partially close the school to years 9, 10 and 12 from today.

The school in High Elms Lane said this is because a number of staff have had to work from home affecting the "provision of an effective education".

The school will remain open to years 7, 8, 11 and 13 until further notice.

St Michael's Catholic High School, Garston - partially closed

A letter was sent out to parents yesterday which asked year 10 and 12 students to work remotely from home.

The school said this partial closure will remain in place until March 20.

Kings Langley School, Love Lane - partially closed

A letter was sent out to parents today instructing years 7, 8 and 9 to work from home this Thursday and Friday.

The school said Years 10, 11 12 and 13 are still expected on the site and they will inform people on Friday of the position moving forward.

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