A resident has criticised plans to redevelop a derelict police station claiming the area is already "too busy" for more flats.

Earlier this year, plans were submitted to demolish the former police station in Elstree Way, Borehamwood, and turn the site into a total of 96 flats, including 34 affordable homes.

Roselyne Connaughton, who lives in nearby Bullhead Road, has hit out at the proposed scheme.

She said: "Adding another 96 flats in an already very congested area is not good for Borehamwood residents.

"Elstree Way is clogged with traffic especially at certain times of the day. We do not need any extra cars there.

"Two buildings of seven and eight storeys among the four or five storeys that exist in the area is completely wrong.

"Piling up people in parts of Borehamwood is not beneficial to anyone living here."

Although she has raised concerns about the possible impact the scheme could have on traffic, Ms Connaughton has expressed her shock that just 23 parking spaces will be provided - although the planning statement claims this number is "adequate" and will help to "reduce air quality".

She said: "I understand that there would only be 23 parking spaces. 23 parking spaces for 96 flats. To enhance air quality by reducing the amount of cars on the road? Surely this is a joke? 73 flats without possibility of parking? Is it a question of buy or rent the flat and then dump the car?

"How about one block of flats with a maximum of five storeys, underground parking and surrounded by greenery. Surely this would be the best compromise between building more accommodation and still keeping in mind the wellbeing of all the residents?

"I have talked to several people living close to Elstree Way and they are all appalled at the idea of yet more flats in this already over-built area of Borehamwood.

"They and I think that Borehamwood is being made the dumping ground for hundreds of flats. There is no equitable distribution of building over Hertsmere and it has all been decided by councillors who do not live here."

Elstree Way has been identified by Hertsmere Borough Council as a suitable area for redevelopment.

With Hertsmere made up of about 80 per cent greenbelt land, which requires special circumstances to be built on, the council has to try and maximise the amount of brownfield land it has for redevelopment.

The council, like all others up and down the country, has to meet housing targets set by central government.

The council is working in partnership with Hertfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) on this scheme.

A spokesperson for the PCC said: "We have put in this planning permission as owners of the land to obtain money back for the site, which will then be spent on policing in Hertfordshire.

"Our understanding is that it follows the borough council’s planning guidance for the Elstree Way Corridor, affordable housing and other considerations.

"The application is now with Hertsmere Borough Council and is rightly open to public scrutiny. It will now proceed through the usual planning process where the Council will decide if it is appropriate for the area."

View the planning application here.