Taxpayers could end up paying £10 more than they did last year to support Hertfordshire's police force.

The county's police and crime commissioner, David Lloyd, is proposing a £10 a year increase in council tax for the average band D property - the tax increase as a whole would generate an extra £4.5 million.

This year, Mr Lloyd asked the people of Hertfordshire whether they would be willing to pay more council tax if it meant giving the policing budget.

Mr Lloyd says two thirds of those of 1,000 people who responded to his public consultation were in favour of paying more.

The £10 rise will help support the 91 new police officers in Hertfordshire as well as help meet police demands.

The current crop of 2,000 officers with more to come is the highest number of officers in Hertfordshire since 2011.

Mr Lloyd said: "This year we have been given a transformational grant from the Government which is enabling us to plan for an additional 91 officers this year, with more to come.

"I have decided to follow this positive commitment to our policing by proposing an increase in the precept by £10 a year, which works out at less than 20p a week.

"The extra funding will support the expanding police force, invest in a better complaints system and prevent even more people from becoming victims."

If this proposal is approved by the Hertfordshire police and crime panel next month, the council tax for the average band D property will rise from £188 to £198 a year - which the commissioner says keeps Hertfordshire as one of the lowest precepts in the country.

The PCC tax rise is on top of a proposed 3.99 per cent county council tax rise that taxpayers face as well as a rise in borough council tax.

Watford Council is raising its tax by two per cent, with Hertsmere set to increase by 2.8 per cent - but band D taxpayers in Watford will pay around £90 more than those in Hertsmere will.

Three Rivers District Council has proposals to raise tax by £5.