A primary school was in almost every national newspaper, and ours too, after an agency teacher was dismissed following a @"staggering and outrageous" remark.

Newberries Primary School in Radlett took very swift action to move a teacher on after she allegedly joked she would “ship pupils off to the gas chambers” if they did not finish their homework– in a class full of Jewish pupils.

Two local rabbis were both quick to condemn the remark, which was made in front of 11 Jewish pupils.

Rabbi Paul Freedman from Radlett Reform Synagogue said at the time: "Who is in the class here is not the issue. For a teacher to allegedly use the term 'gas chamber' to a class of primary school pupils, let alone Jewish pupils, is unfathomable. An inexcusable comment whether pupils are Jewish or not.

"It is such an unsuitable thing to say - staggering and outrageous. But we cannot forget this is a very Jewish area."

The school were commended for taking the necessary action quickly.

On October 1, an inquest into the deaths of a couple in Shenley was held at Hatfield Coroners Court.

Zaiga Gravenieks, 20, had her arm around Charlie Eccleston's shoulder when police officers found their bodies on the outskirts of Shenley on November 5 2017.

The pair were last seen on Halloween in 2017 and two days later, their worried families reported the disappearance of guitarist and singer Charlie, 19, from Borehamwood, and music student Zaiga, from Harpenden, to police.

The inquest was told that post mortems were carried out which revealed both Charlie and Zaiga had died from asphyxiation.