Welcome again to my long suffering readers but take comfort as this is the last but one of my articles for this year and this decade. I will either be sun drenched on a Pacific island courtesy of Simon Cowell or at home. The invite has yet to arrive but I blame the post if it has gone astray. OK, the sight of me wearing a knotted hankie on my head with rolled up trousers sitting in a deck chair might put Simon off but that is his loss.

Obviously this week I must concentrate on the great news that Sky wants to build a new 14 stage, 32-acre studio in Borehamwood on a vacant site just off the A1 and close to the site of the old MGM Studios. This will be the first new studio built in what was once called the Hollywood of England since the 1950s, which was the small but prolific Danzigers . That studio is long gone and we have lost other facilities such as the wonderful MGM and Gate Studios.

What is now called the BBC Elstree Centre, which dates back to 1914, is still going strong with major investment underway. Elstree Studios, albeit somewhat smaller than in its heyday, is a huge success and turning away work so has plans to build new sound stages next year. It also generates about £1,500,000 in rental to Hertsmere Borough Council, which pays for so many things to the benefit of local ratepayers. OK, I got an MBE for helping to save Elstree in 1997, which is a lovely ego trip for a short while, but to see it repay the faith of so many supporters in those dark days is far more important to me.

I understand discussions have been ongoing all year regarding this new studio, but naturally in private. I recall those wartime posters that warned 'loose lips sink ships' and 'be like dad and keep mum'. Okay the latter is no longer is PC but I am glad I had no knowledge of this plan lest I be accused of leaking it.

I have read press releases and published articles saying the new studio will create up to 3,000 jobs in the industry and locally. This is of course fake news. It is just silly when we all know studios today employ freelancers and outsource services such as cleaners, security, catering, etc. Therefore how many local residents will gain employment is another matter. However, as our business expands, new jobs will happen so that is great.

I ask only two things from this great news which I fully support. Firstly, why not name this Sky Borehamwood Studios to reflect the town in which it is being built and to avoid confusion with the BBC Elstree Centre and Elstree Studios. Be brave and establish your own unique identity. Secondly the local councils will benefit from money that developers are forced to pay for local worthwhile projects. Why not fund a local film and television heritage centre?

Where this decade has gone is beyond me but we have survived it, so until next week take care.