The BBC will continue a successful partnership with Elstree Studios for another four years at least.

BBC Studioworks will continue to hire studios at the site in Borehamwood - until at an arrangement initially formed in 2013 to temporarily house parts of BBC Studioworks’ operations while the television centre was being redeveloped. least March 2024.

The collaboration sees the BBC Studioworks continuing to hire studios ‘Elstree 8’, ‘Elstree 9’ and ‘George Lucas Stage 2’ from Hertsmere Borough Council owned Elstree Studios until at least March 2024.

Andrew Moultrie, CEO, BBC Studioworks, said: "Since our expansion at Elstree, we’ve achieved solid growth across our portfolio and continued to set the gold standard in studio operations - delivering many memorable productions together for our valued clients.

"This extension solidifies our presence in the London studios market and is testament to the success of our trusted partnership with Elstree Studios."

Roger Morris, managing director at Elstree Studios, said, "Our partnership with BBC Studioworks has meant that Elstree Studios has been able to offer television clients superb purposely configured state-of-the-art television facilities supplied and operated by BBC Studioworks.

"This has enabled the production of a whole raft of top TV shows at Elstree Studios. For instance, the use of the George Lucas Stage 2 for television production with its own permanent production gallery, qualifies this stage as the UK’s largest television studio."