An "iconic" heritage wall has been vandalised with offensive political graffiti.

Commuters at Elstree & Borehamwood station came across a message which had been scribbled on a mural which celebrates the town's film and TV heritage.

The words 'F*** the Tories' had been painted in red in the bottom left corner of the wall in what looks like a politically-motivated slur on the Conservatives ahead of next month's General Election.

The image was widely shared on social media and spotted by Labour councillor Richard Butler, who represents Cowley Hill ward.

Cllr Butler said he immediately informed Bob Redman, chairman of the First Impressions group, which is responsible for the mural.

Mr Redman, who was not aware of what happened, went down to the station and began cleaning away the message before covering up what could not be wiped.

Borehamwood Times:

Cllr Butler said: "While I may agree with the sentiment of the message, we don't need that type of language. This is not the right way. This is not Labour - this is a disgruntled voter.

"The right way to protest is at the ballot box."

Hertsmere's Conservative parliamentary candidate Oliver Dowden has made clear he wants to fight a "clean campaign".

After the graffiti appeared, Mr Dowden, who was elected as Hertsmere's MP in 2015, said: "I’m saddened that people have chosen to resort to vandalism.

"I aim to fight a clean campaign, and at the start of this election signed a clean campaign pledge.

"I’m glad the other candidates joined this pledge and hope they will also join me in condemning this vandalism."

Borehamwood Times:

Mr Redman added: "About ten years ago a group called First Impressions formed to use our unique film and TV heritage to help make public spaces more attracting, more welcoming to visitors and feeling safer.

"A key result of that effort is the mural at the station which honours the achievements of all the local men and women who have worked in our local studios.

"For years that mural has been admired by residents and visitors alike.

"But someone decided that the wall was the best place where they could express their political opinion. Judging from the reaction of people who spoke to me this morning while I worked to remove the worst of that graffiti, nobody seems to agree with ‘the artist’.

"If any good comes of this incident, it must surely be that local residents have united so quickly to express their anger at this attack on their iconic heritage wall."

Govia Thameslink Railway is aware of the incident and the rest of the graffiti will be cleaned away as soon as possible.

Borehamwood Times: