Oliver Dowden has been reselected as the Conservative's parliamentary candidate for Hertsmere.

Mr Dowden has spent the last four years serving as the borough's MP and will be hoping to keep his position when voters go to the polls on December 12.

Since Boris Johnson was appointed Prime Minister, Mr Dowden was promoted to the role of Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General.

Mr Dowden has already been hitting the streets on the campaign trail.

After being readopted as candidate, Mr Dowden said: "I’m delighted to have been readopted as the Conservative candidate and will be standing again to be your Member of Parliament when the election comes on 12th December.

"I’m taking nothing for granted, and look forward to campaigning hard over the next few weeks to demonstrate that a Conservative government will be best for Hertsmere and for the country."

The other parliamentary candidates in the borough are Holly Kal-Weiss who is standing for Labour, Stephen Barrett for the Lib Dems and the Green party representative John Humphries.