Two men have been charged in connection with a burglary in Borehamwood.

Police received a report of power tools which were stolen from a property in Furzehill Road shortly before 7am on Sunday November 10.

Police say an attempt was made to break into a neighbour's shed.

But a resident intervened on the attempted break-in, sustaining injuries in the struggle.

Another resident got involved, and they were also injured.

A 999 call was made and police were called to the area and a search for suspects was carried out. Two arrests were made.

Detective Inspector Michael Macbeth said: “It is highly unusual for burglaries to involve violence. Evidence and testimonies from convicted offenders confirm that if a burglar thinks someone is home there is much less of a chance they will target that address. Make sure it is not yours.

"Please call 999 if you suspect a burglary may be in progress – this gives us the best chance of catching someone in the act and stopping other people being burgled. If you see any vehicles acting suspiciously, try and note down the registration numbers if you can and call us straight away."

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  • Florin Chercea, 23, and Aurel Stan, 25, both of Melrose Avenue in Borehamwood, have been charged with burglary and a non-dwelling burglary and GBH. They are due to appear at St Albans Crown Court on December 9, 2019.