Members of Elstree & Borehamwood's youth council paid a visit to the House of Parliament late last month.

The youth councillors visited Westminster on October 29 where they had an opportunity to speak to then Speaker John Bercow.

They also met anti-Brexit campaigners including Steve Bray.

Youth councillors Adam Duke, Leo Arazi and Noah Arazi were joined by secretary Anne Nicodemus as well as town councillor Michelle Vince.

Chairman of the council, Noah, said: "We were met by floods of protestors wanting to make their opinion heard on the hotly contested topic of Brexit.

"Our first stop after Westminster Hall was the lobby. We learnt how constituents could hold their MP to account by lobbying them here.

"Then the Speaker of the House of Commons walked past our group. Fortunately for us, Cllr Vince was quick to her feet and summoned Mr Bercow over to speak to us. This was a great highlight of the trip. He gave us plenty of advice on public speaking."

Vice-chairman Adam said: "The tour was fascinating. After, we proceeded to queue for a seat in the public gallery. While we were queuing, two of us spotted and spoke to both Andrea Leadsom and James Cleverly.

"Once inside, we watched Prime Minister Boris Johnson move the motion to call for the general election. We also saw Jacob Rees-Mogg, Jeremy Corbyn, Andrea Leadsom and others respond to questions. Afterwards three of us went to the House of Lords, where there was a debate on about safespace."

Noah added: "We watched Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn battled it out at the dispatch box. I must admit the experience was very surreal and thoroughly worth the wait.

"After remaining in the viewing gallery for a couple of hours it was soon time to head home but we did so basking in the knowledge that we were so fortunate to have experienced such a fantastic trip."