Strictly Come Dancing stars have been offered support after online trolls threatened to kill one celebrity.

BBC Breakfast presenter Mike Bushell was told he would be a “dead man” if he did not leave the show.

This came after he was saved by judges after a dance off against actor Catherine Tyldesley.

When the show started in September, the BBC called in former army security guards to the studios in Clarendon Road, Borehamwood.

The Sun reported that letters containing death threats were sent to Strictly stars.

After receiving a death threat of his own last week, Mr Bushell told the Daily Star Sunday: "It was crazy. I had someone threatening to kill me.

"People expressing an opinion is fantastic. I’m all for that but don’t turn it into vile, personal, abusive stuff. That’s the problem with social media.

"Strictly is an entertainment show. It’s meant to make people happy."

The publication revealed that the "brilliant" BBC had offered him counselling and support "immediately".