A boy celebrating his bar mitzvah showed off his impressive skills by solving 13 Rubik's cubes in front of family and friends.

Rafi Niman, 13, has always had a fantastic memory according to his mother Gabby, and over the years he has worked hard to master the challenging puzzle.

The Yavneh College pupil has attended competitions, most recently reaching the semi-finals at an event in London where he competed against adults.

And at his bar mitzvah at Shenley Cricket Club, Rafi wowed guests solving 13 cubes in less than four minutes.

Watch Rafi solve 13 Rubik's cubes in super quick time

Mum Gabby said: "Back in year four at school, he was great at speed stacking with cups and then he came across a Rubik's cube just lying around unsolved. He was nine when he solved it for the first time and since then, he's just wanted to get faster and faster at it.

"He watched YouTube videos and tutorials of of how to solve it more quickly. Rafi's always had a fantastic memory. He can remember things from when he was two-years-old.

"Now he takes the cube wherever he goes. One day he wants to set a UK record."

Rafi's challenge at his bar mtizvah, which he completed in three minutes and 40 seconds, was also in aid of Israeli boy.

Rafi wanted to do something charitable and as part of Jewish Child's Day, the Borehamwood schoolboy linked up with a boy in Israel with special needs.

Almost £600 was raised for the boy, and Rafi has spent the last couple of weeks emailing and chatting with his Israeli friend - one day he hopes to meet him.