A new social media campaign is encouraging people to help clean up paths near rivers.

Every year, waterways in Hertfordshire reflect the colours of red and gold from leaves above.

The Canal and River Trust are encouraging people to help the reflective display and the environment around the river by picking up plastic rubbish.

According to the trust, 80 percent comes from inland and the trust’s own research shows 500,000 pieces of plastic end up in the sea from inland rivers every year.

The trust set up the Plastics Challenge for people to get involved by taking a picture of themselves picking up rubbish and sharing it on social media with the hashtag #PlasticsChallenge.

People are then asked to take the rubbish home and recycle it correctly.

Regional director for London and South East at the Canal and River Trust Ros Daniels said: “Autumn is one of the loveliest times to visit the canals, as the turning leaves transform them into glorious corridors of orange, brown, red and gold. But sometimes the rustle of fallen leaves is actually the sound of a discarded crisp packet or a piece of plastic.

"We want people in Hertfordshire to join us in taking action on plastic pollution. Autumn is a great time to get involved – come along for a walk and, if you find any litter, pick it up and take it home to recycle.

"Or get creative and find a picturesque backdrop to showcase your action and share the results with us! Being by the water makes people healthier and happier so, whatever you choose to do, a trip to Hertfordshire’s waterways is the perfect way to enjoy an autumnal afternoon.”