A cat's head has been found sparking fears the UK animal killer has struck again.

The body of Dory was found in the Arkley area on Saturday - and two days later, her head was found nearby.

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) says a vet has carried out an examination and confirmed the injuries were inflicted by a person using a bladed weapon.

SNARL has launched an investigation and is linking Dory's death to the infamous UK animal killer.

There have been reports all over the country of cats and rabbits in particular being mutilated over the last few years and SNARL is committed to finding the person or people they believe are responsible for the killings.

The Metropolitan Police initially launched an investigation in December 2015 under the name Operation Takahe after SNARL raised concerns about the number of cats found dead and missing their heads and tails.

But SNARL continues to dispute findings by the Met in September last year which suggested that foxes were to blame for the deaths.

After Dory's death in Arkley, SNARL said: "Do you know anyone who came to the Barnet EN5 area to carry out some work around the dates of Monday October 7 to October 14?

"We are leafleting, making enquiries and looking for CCTV. If you live or work in the Mays Road or Quinta Road area and have CCTV or know anyone who does, please contact SNARL as soon as possible and we will let you know if it is of interest.

"Our advice remains to keep cats in at night if you can and ensure hutches are securely locked.

"RIP Dory and our condolences to her family."

Anyone with any information can call 02080587778 or email snarlinvestigation@gmail.com