An agency teacher has been sacked after she allegedly joked she would “ship pupils off to the gas chambers” – in a class full of Jewish pupils.

Newberries Primary School in Radlett has taken swift action to remove the teacher after numerous parents complained about the remark.

According to the Daily Mail, the agency teacher ‘joked’ she “would ship pupils off to the gas chambers” if they did not finish their homework.

The Mail also reported when challenged by one of the pupils, the teacher said she was ‘joking’ and apologised, before asking the children not to tell anyone.

Of the 28 ten-year-olds in the class, 11 were Jewish – and the comments were made in a village where around a quarter of the residents are Jewish.

The school wrote to parents on Monday and told them it had acted upon this incident immediately. 

A spokesman from Newberries Primary School said: “We can confirm that last week we were made aware that an alleged racist comment had been made by an agency teacher working within the school.

"We acted upon this immediately and our governors and leadership team are undertaking a full investigation. We can confirm that the agency teacher will not be returning.

"We would like to reassure parents and carers that the safeguarding of children within Newberries Primary School remains our priority. This teacher was not a permanent member of staff.

"We will continue to work with all members of our school community to ensure that we provide a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment within which all children can thrive."

Rabbi Jonathan Hughes from Radlett United Synagogue fears further education on the Holocaust is needed.

Rabbi Hughes said: "If reports are true, this is deeply disturbing and shows the urgent need for holocaust education in the UK.

"As the local rabbi, I'd be happy to counsel any pupils, parents, or staff members whom may have been hurt as a result of this incident."