The owner of a horse sanctuary is ruing her bad luck once again after four ponies went missing after bikers targeted her field.

Julie Blake had only just moved some of her horses to a field off Theobald Street, Borehamwood, when she turned up on Wednesday and found fencing had been ripped down.

Julie, who owns Cecil's Horse Sanctuary in Elstree, realised that four miniature Shetland ponies had disappeared.

Fortunately, the ponies were found near some water having walked as far as they have could. One of them suffers from asthma and was found breathing heavily

Speaking after, Julie said: "I've only been here for a week. This was meant to be a turning point. But these kids ripped down the fences and rode through our field. It was worrying not knowing where the ponies were.

"Why they couldn't have just stayed on the 20 acre field next door I don't know. I think it's the same ones I've seen in Radlett weaving in and out wearing balaclavas."

Julie cares for dozens of horses at her sanctuary in Elstree - which has been constantly targeted by criminals.

Borehamwood Times:

Julie Blake, pictured at Cecil's in Elstree. She has had to move some of her animals to Borehamwood because she needed more land

In the past, the sanctuary has been trashed, horses have been harmed, and equipment has been stolen, and Julie has been left pondering whether she can continue doing what she is doing.

"This latest incident just seems so unnecessary. I knew there was a bikes issue here but I thought they would leave us alone. I'm calling on people to report when they see these bikes ridden round."

Julie is now having to put in measures to prevent bikers from getting into her field, which is not simple because the sanctuary relies heavily on donations and all the money she does receive goes into the care of the horses - many of which are poorly.