A council leader was jeered last night as a small group of protesters brought a town centre to a standstill.

Campaigners marched through Borehamwood yesterday evening in a protest against Hertsmere Borough Council and its Tory leadership.

They were led by a tractor along Shenley Road, passing McDonald's and Tesco, halting traffic on a roundabout before finishing outside the council offices where they held a rally.

Borehamwood Times:

Borehamwood Times:

WATCH: Protesters march down Shenley Road

Around 30 to 40 people were involved on the march banging pots and pans chanting 'No faith in our council' and calling for council leader Morris Bright to resign.

Speaking outside Hertsmere's offices, Labour councillor Michelle Vince said: "Borehamwood isn't the same as it was ten years ago. Cuts to our services, development on the greenbelt, lots of flats being built, losing our post office due to rent hikes, the container homes, not enough doctors and school places.

"Our town has gone to the dogs.

"But people have become apathetic. They've given up and that's why they are not out tonight with us, but we need to continue to fight."

Group leader Cllr Jeremy Newmark also spoke about the "need for an opposition" and referred to the Elstree Studios audit report which implicated Cllr Bright and the Conservative party.

Borehamwood Times:

Borehamwood Times:

Labour councillors joined protesters for the rally but were not present at the march because they were attending an extraordinary meeting which they had called for alongside the Lib Dems.

Cllr Bright had been at that meeting too - when he left the car park with his ten-year-old son, he was booed by the group of protesters, and he was jeered again when he returned around 15 minutes later for a full council meeting.

WATCH: Council leader jeered as he returns to council offices

Despite the low turnout, chairman of Hertsmere Labour, Dan Ozarow, who led the march, said: "Last night we witnessed the birth of an exciting new alliance of community groups who have come together to voice their anger .

"The protest was colourful and fun, drawing families, retired people, students, businessmen and women, parents and working people from different backgrounds, many of whom had never met before."

Borehamwood Times:

Borehamwood Times:

Traffic was brought to a standstill in Borehamwood between 6.30pm and 6.45pm

Dr Ozarow added: "We and our families deserve better and the more of us who speak out, the more pressure we can put on our council leadership that things can change."

Following the protest, Cllr Bright said: "There are around 40,000 residents in Elstree & Borehamwood. Literally, you could count on two hands the number of residents who joined Labour members for the march.

"We held elections in May. We had a resounding victory. We feel that the borough supports what we are doing.

"We ask Labour to stop these stunts and this intense negativity. We ask Labour to work with us and work for the good of Hertsmere."