I write as an animal lover and despite living in many places, I have never felt so at home as I do in Borehamwood which has a wonderful community spirit.

As a resident of over 10 years, I know Borehamwood is a town which loves its animals and so, our caring community will be shocked to read that more than three million animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits and monkeys, are still being used in animal experiments in the UK each year, according to the Home Office.

Many people think that animal testing is banned but that’s far from the truth.

Animal welfare charity Naturewatch Foundation is doing all it can to encourage people to shop ethically. I recommend their compassionate shopping guide for details of the best cruelty-free brands. The guide is soon to be available online free of charge.

With the rise in Veganism due to animal cruelty and the concern for climate change, I am pleased to say that Borehamwood has an excellent selection of shops which sell an abundance of cruelty free products.

The own brands of Aldi, Marks & Spencer and Tesco, are all cruelty free, moreover, they are much cheaper than brands which test on animals.

I would urge everyone who loves animals to request their copy of the compassionate shopping guide.

Happy shopping everyone. Even better when you know your product has not caused suffering to animals who feel the same things as humans – pain, loneliness and the comfort of a mother’s love.

Sarah Gale