Protesters will march through a town centre tomorrow to demonstrate that they have ‘no faith’ in their local council.

Campaigners will take to the streets of Borehamwood at 6.15pm (Wednesday) to protest over a number of perceived issues in Hertsmere.

These include development on greenbelt land, the ‘container home’ development in Borehamwood, cuts to services, NHS provision closures, and rent hikes at shops.

Hertsmere Labour also point towards the controversy surrounding an audit report into the governance of council-owned Elstree Studios, which implicated the Conservative party and its leader, Cllr Morris Bright.

Dr Dan Ozarow, chairman of Hertsmere Labour, said: “We are standing in solidarity with the community groups across the borough who are fighting back against the cuts and closures they have faced at the hands of this self-serving, complacent Tory council.

“Hertsmere residents deserve better than a Conservative leadership that is mired in scandal over the Elstree Studios debacle, which is threatening our greenbelt and which has generated misery on local people through cuts to our health and transport services. We will be there fighting for them both inside the council chamber and on the streets.”

Hertsmere Labour councillors will not be joining the march as they will be attending an extraordinary council meeting at 6pm, ahead of a scheduled full council meeting at 7.30pm.

Cllr Michelle Vince says a tractor will lead the pack of protesters down Borehamwood's busiest street and she is encouraging people to bring pots and pans and "make as much noise as possible".

The Hertsmere Peoples Liberation Front, is a secretive movement with no political allegiance, which claims to represent ordinary Hertsmere people that "feel alienated, voiceless and disillusioned" by the borough council.

HPLF has already carried out a series of stunts including putting up ‘wanted posters’ of councillors, in Elstree, and is also plotting action in Potters Bar and Bushey.

The group has put together a bizarre but somewhat memorable video, below, calling on residents to join the march.

In response to Wednesday’s protest, Cllr Bright said: “It’s been just four months since the local elections where turnout was much higher than in recent years and even with all the Brexit shenanigans, the Conservatives won convincingly across the borough.

“In Elstree & Borehamwood, we started election night on eight out of 13 seats and finished on nine and we retained control of the town council too.

“Labour’s policy has always been to tell people how bad things are locally. Ours is to show how good Borehamwood is.

“We are proud of our town and borough and the vast majority of residents seem to be also,”

The council says it is aware of the protest, which will begin at All Saints Church at 6.15pm in Shenley Road, and end at the Civic Centre.

Pressure groups, including members of Hertsmere Labour, previously marched through Borehamwood last September calling for a "better and safer" Borehamwood.